Marcos family to sponsor a church plant near LNMB for Marcos millennials



By Mon Ngumon, RRN Philippines

TAGUIG, Philippines – Failed VP hopeful Bongbong Marcos , son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, said here today at the  Kapihan sa BGC that the Marcos family has decided to sponsor a church plant at the vicinity of the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) where his father will be buried.

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“We hope to jump start the process of planting this church in the hope that the Marcos millennials will have a place to belong,” said Marcos through a pastor-medium that Bongbong brought with him to channel the voice of his father.

Bongbong on the other hand, agreed with the statement of his father adding, “My father has been like this even while he was still alive, speaking with a lot of concern for the plight of the oppressed Filipino people, in this case the Millennials. Thanks Pres. Marcos for answering my prayers.”

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The late Marcos speaking through the pastor-medium lamented the indignation and outrage of anti-Marcos against millenials, “It is not good that these so-called Christians are unforgiving and making  bad example for the millennials. You will be punished by your god for doing this and he will send you here with me in this fiery place where I am the OIC.”

Asked whether why it has him and not Lucifer who is now in charge of hell, Marcos responded, “Lucifer has his hands full right now with 9 justices in the Supreme Court of the Philippines. They’re actually 15-year old millennials that Lucifer disguised as Justices. It’s a 24/7 job.”

Bongbong told reporters that this pastor-medium would serve as the family’s church planter.

“We plan to name the church Bayaning Ama Christian Outreach of Kangiwan (Taguig) [BACOKANG-Taguig] and it will welcome all the oppressed millenials,” he said. “We will not only teach them about religion here but also try to deepen their knowledge of historical revisionism. Moreover we are targeting the millennials who are law students to aspire for the Supreme Court where all the magic happens.”


Quiboloy to Duterte: “Don’t joke about hearing my divine voice”

By Manny Kugang, RRN Philippines


DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, founder and leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Inc., who recently admitted it was his voice that Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte heard on board a plane from Japan to the Philippines, censured today the president after receiving news that Duterte admitted yesterday that he was only joking about hearing god.

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“Don’t joke about hearing my divine voice,” censured Quiboloy, who has for a long time claimed he is the Appointed Son of God. “My words are very expensive commodities. Its valuation is millions. My words are life. I say things, and it  will come to pass. Its net worth includes a sprawling hacienda, helicopters, mansions, private jets, etc. The last thing you want to do cheapen my words.”

Quiboloy seems to be telling the truth.

In 2010, the National Geographics featured Quiboloy in a documentary discussing his opulent lifestyle and power. Filipino journalist Che Che Lazaro also did a feature on Quiboloy showing his rags to riches story. At one point Quiboloy offered his jet for use of Duterte.

Other cult leaders of the Philippines, attacked Quiboloy for his pronouncements.


As of the writing of this report, no press release from the Presidential Office concerning Quiboloy’s recent statements as been released.

FVR will receive lifetime cigar supply from a grateful Chinese government


BEIJING, China — Chinese president Xi Jinping announced here yesterday evening in a press conference that the Chinese government has mandated a lifetime supply of high-grade cigar to former Philippine president Fidel V. Ramos (FVR) as a token of gratitude for his role as special envoy of the Philippines to China recently.

This news happened right at the cusp of FVR’s resignation as envoy stating that he has done his job. 

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Pres. Jinping emphasized that the supplier of FVR’s cigar is not a China-based company. “It’s not even Cuban. We want FVR to experience a non-socialist cigar — something he’s used to for the past decades.” When pressed for the name of the cigar company, Jinping said, “Tabacalera Incorporada.” Our researchers at the Philippines office said that this cigar company is based in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

Asked why he chose a Philippine-firm to supply the cigars, Jinping responded, “As soon as we annex Scarborough Shoal, we intend to buy this Filipino cigar company and change the company name to Marborough, in honor of the Scarborough, to provide competition to a leading cigarette brand.”

A few hours later at 8:OO AM Taipei Standard Time November 2, FVR released a statement via his Friendster account saying, “I will throw away my Vape and return to Cuban cigars. Arigatogozaimashita China.”

FVR’s cigars are never lit in his mouth. In a magazine interview with Cigar Aficionado magazine, he discussed the health benefits of cigar.

“Several cigar advocates swear by having a smoke as a means of relieving stress, and maintain that the benefits outweigh the risks. We have previously referred to the spiritual quality of smoking a fine cigar,” FVR said.

Ali Mogmogan,  RRN China correspondent 


Pastor Quiboloy admits it was his divine voice Duterte heard in plane

By Tim Ang, RRN Philippines

Updated 11/6/2016: Duterte recently denied he heard from God saying it was a joke. Read our report on Quiboloy’s response to the denial by clicking here.


Davao City, PHILIPPINES – Founder and leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy gave a press briefing in his million-dollar ranch here today saying that whatPresident Rodrigo Duterte heard inside the PAL airplane from Japan was actually the voice of the Appointed Son of God — Quiboloy himself.

See Alex Ho’s CNN report “Duterte returns from Japan, gives ‘curse-less’ media briefing.”

President Duterte yesterday told the Malacanyang Press Corps, “I was looking at the skies as I was coming over here. And I… everybody was asleep snoring. A voice said that you know ‘If you don’t stop (inaudible), I will bring this plane down now.’ And I said, who is this? Of course, it’s God. Oh, OK. So, I promised God not to express slang, cuss words.”

This elicited applause from the press. A few netizens, however, were suspicious of this pronouncement. “How do we know it was god himself or the devil talking to him?” Tweeted @Juan4391_Oct. 

Meanwhile in the Quiboloy press brieving in Davao, a correspondent of the Davao Times asked Quiboloy whose voice he thinks Duterte heard.

“It was my voice,” Quiboloy said donned in his first century Roman emperor regalia. “My voice can travel in quantum waves and particles to communicate orders from God. This is actually made easier for me because of my personal relationship with Mayor Digong. He is my homeboy.” 

The press release of Quiboloy coincided with the ribbon cutting ceremony of his acquisition of one of the three official life-size replicas of the Iron Throne in the TV blockbuster “Game of Thrones” (GOT) The other two replicas went to Peter Dinklage, star of the series and Patrick Starr, billionaire mogul of the media empire Viacom International Media Networks.


The press was unable to obtain a photo of Quiboloy sitting on the Iron Throne because a reliable source told the press that the Iron Throne manufacturers are being flown over to give a 20% enlargement of the Iron Throne because it is unable to represent the ego and majesty of the Appointed Son of God.

October 29, 2016. Pang Adyion, RRN Indonesia

American Drug Addict Fearing for Life Surrenders to Duterte But Flips Out in Rehab Church Singing “Amazing Grace”

October 24, 2016. Correspondent: Bang Bangan, IEJ

NUEVA ECIJA, Philippines – A Black American who personally surrendered to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte last week flipped out singing “Amazing Grace” in the church of the new Nueva Ecija Rehabilitation Center (NERC) built by the Duterte administration. The American Talyasi Uring, a native of Chicago, Illinois, but a Philippine resident for 8 years now, was immediately subjected to drug testing but was found negative. Authorities said that they have received report that inmates saw Uring chewing a local herb in the NERC compound called “kamangkaw” by local residents.

(See link below this article to see the actual footage of Uring singing “Amazing Grace.”)

The incident has created policy measures for NERC to further clean up the vicinity of NERC of addictive plants.

The NERC policies have coincided with the recommendation of the Dangerous Drug Board and the Department of Health (DOH) to utilize faith-based organization rehabilitation policy by the Narcotics Anonymous that are duly-accredited by DOH. One of the initial moves was to construct a church inside the mega rehab of NERC and conduct regular meetings twice a week — a mid-week service on Wednesday and a Sunday Service. The head minister of the New Age Rehabilitation Christian Order (NARCO), Rev. Pam Mugat, said that the NARCO church was established to give opportunity to surrendered users to connect to their spiritual lives through singing, praying and testifying. She was very happy with the response of the over 4,000 inmates inside the NARCO church services until the unfortunate rendition of “Amazing Grace” by Uring who looked like he was high on drugs. This prompted concerns form teh NERC administration of breach of security like what happened in National Bilibid Prison where drug cartels operated.

Uring said that he surrendered to Pres. Duterte in fear of his life because of the recent spate of extra-judicial killings. His live-in partner Pat Altag said that Talyasi has been drug dependent for two years now.

Click here to see the actual footage of Uring singing “Amazing Grace.”

Number of crucified extra-judicial killings in Philippine provinces growing



October 19, 2016. Correspondent: Bones Tulang

Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES – Cases of crucified extra-judicial killings kept springing up in provinces here in the Philippines, sources say.

The spokesperson of PNP Director Bato Dela Rosa said yesterday in a press conference at the Matanglawin Hall in Camp Crame that they have now received 9 crucified cases of death under investigation in the provinces. Lt. Col. Bamboo Guwi also added that Gen. Bato expressed concern over the mode of execution. “Nakapako sila sa krus na parang nasa Kalbaryo. Kaso wala silang kasamang Hestas at Barabas. So hindi namin malaman kung si Kristo nga sila o yung dalawang magnanakaw,” Guwi said.

In the town of Polangui, Albay, residents saw the lifeless body of a man nailed on a cross labeled with a cardboard “Pusher ako, wag tularan” (see picture). This man according to the Polangui, Albay PNP was Romeo Julieto, 52 years old and had been tagged as a career pusher in Baranggay Balangibang of said town.

Lt. Col. Guwi expressed concern on the religious turn of these killings. “Para nilang sinasabi na etong mga pushers na ito ang tagapagligtas ng sanlibutan,” says Guwi. “Eh ang tangi lang naman nilang nililigtas ay yung mga shabu na wag maitapon sa PNP crime lab. Ang isa pa, hindi nga natin alam kung ang ginagaya ng mga nagpako dito ay si Hestas at si Barabas.”

Meanwhile the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has expressed alarm over this new trend. CHR commissioner Atty. Tooth Galo who is now assigned to head the newly-formed Crucified EJK Division of the CHR suggested that this mode of execution might be due to the strong Duterte support on the President’s heated conflict with the Roman Catholic Church. 

“It is a known fact,” explains Galo, “that the President has recently criticized the Catholic church. Siguro eto yung pang-banat ng mga supporters niya na parang sinasabi nila, ‘Hoy mga taga CBCP [Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines], eto inyo!'”

Asked whether the CHR has evidence that these crucified EJK can be connected to DDS, Galo said, “We are still looking for evidence that they are connected. For the meantime we are trying to fashion our opinions so that they would be taken by people as fact.”


Christians Meet with Hugs & Tears Their Unfriended Churchmates Due to PH Election 2016


Pasig City, PHILIPPINES – The young professionals of Campus Christian Fellowship of Pasig City was hit hard by the election fever when they started unfriending in Facebook their church-mates because of their support of a particular candidate. Jennifer Coalisa unfriended 18 church-mates just this month because they berated her candidate. Manny Tungka did with 22 of his church-mates as well. Connie Jowas, 14 church-mates. Marco Tunacao, 12 church-mates.

The Philippine Pew Research (PPR) conducted a survey last month at on Filipino Christians who unfriended their church-mates on Facebook. PPR found out that of the 1432 respondents, 85% unfriended 6 or more church-mates.

“That is staggering. It is alarming,” says Dr. Jo Subtract, Executive Director of World Alliance of Christian Churches.

Subtract added that minus the multiplied effect this division created, the ratio of Christian misunderstanding of the role of politics does not have a common denominator with churches.

But just this morning at the start of a week-long Daily Vacation Bible School for elementary students, Jennifer, Manny, Connie and Marco met for the first time and hugged with tears in their eyes. At one point, they started singing “Amazing Grace” whereupon the Christian Education director approached them and prayed for them just in time when the song ended.

“We expect to see more of this conciliatory moments in the next few days with Christians,” added Subtract, minus the earlier despair multiplied by the divided gestures in her body. “I no longer feel something is taken away from the church,” she continued.