Marcos family to sponsor a church plant near LNMB for Marcos millennials



By Mon Ngumon, RRN Philippines

TAGUIG, Philippines – Failed VP hopeful Bongbong Marcos , son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, said here today at the  Kapihan sa BGC that the Marcos family has decided to sponsor a church plant at the vicinity of the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) where his father will be buried.

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“We hope to jump start the process of planting this church in the hope that the Marcos millennials will have a place to belong,” said Marcos through a pastor-medium that Bongbong brought with him to channel the voice of his father.

Bongbong on the other hand, agreed with the statement of his father adding, “My father has been like this even while he was still alive, speaking with a lot of concern for the plight of the oppressed Filipino people, in this case the Millennials. Thanks Pres. Marcos for answering my prayers.”

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The late Marcos speaking through the pastor-medium lamented the indignation and outrage of anti-Marcos against millenials, “It is not good that these so-called Christians are unforgiving and making  bad example for the millennials. You will be punished by your god for doing this and he will send you here with me in this fiery place where I am the OIC.”

Asked whether why it has him and not Lucifer who is now in charge of hell, Marcos responded, “Lucifer has his hands full right now with 9 justices in the Supreme Court of the Philippines. They’re actually 15-year old millennials that Lucifer disguised as Justices. It’s a 24/7 job.”

Bongbong told reporters that this pastor-medium would serve as the family’s church planter.

“We plan to name the church Bayaning Ama Christian Outreach of Kangiwan (Taguig) [BACOKANG-Taguig] and it will welcome all the oppressed millenials,” he said. “We will not only teach them about religion here but also try to deepen their knowledge of historical revisionism. Moreover we are targeting the millennials who are law students to aspire for the Supreme Court where all the magic happens.”



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