American Drug Addict Fearing for Life Surrenders to Duterte But Flips Out in Rehab Church Singing “Amazing Grace”

October 24, 2016. Correspondent: Bang Bangan, IEJ

NUEVA ECIJA, Philippines – A Black American who personally surrendered to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte last week flipped out singing “Amazing Grace” in the church of the new Nueva Ecija Rehabilitation Center (NERC) built by the Duterte administration. The American Talyasi Uring, a native of Chicago, Illinois, but a Philippine resident for 8 years now, was immediately subjected to drug testing but was found negative. Authorities said that they have received report that inmates saw Uring chewing a local herb in the NERC compound called “kamangkaw” by local residents.

(See link below this article to see the actual footage of Uring singing “Amazing Grace.”)

The incident has created policy measures for NERC to further clean up the vicinity of NERC of addictive plants.

The NERC policies have coincided with the recommendation of the Dangerous Drug Board and the Department of Health (DOH) to utilize faith-based organization rehabilitation policy by the Narcotics Anonymous that are duly-accredited by DOH. One of the initial moves was to construct a church inside the mega rehab of NERC and conduct regular meetings twice a week — a mid-week service on Wednesday and a Sunday Service. The head minister of the New Age Rehabilitation Christian Order (NARCO), Rev. Pam Mugat, said that the NARCO church was established to give opportunity to surrendered users to connect to their spiritual lives through singing, praying and testifying. She was very happy with the response of the over 4,000 inmates inside the NARCO church services until the unfortunate rendition of “Amazing Grace” by Uring who looked like he was high on drugs. This prompted concerns form teh NERC administration of breach of security like what happened in National Bilibid Prison where drug cartels operated.

Uring said that he surrendered to Pres. Duterte in fear of his life because of the recent spate of extra-judicial killings. His live-in partner Pat Altag said that Talyasi has been drug dependent for two years now.

Click here to see the actual footage of Uring singing “Amazing Grace.”


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