Christians Meet with Hugs & Tears Their Unfriended Churchmates Due to PH Election 2016


Pasig City, PHILIPPINES – The young professionals of Campus Christian Fellowship of Pasig City was hit hard by the election fever when they started unfriending in Facebook their church-mates because of their support of a particular candidate. Jennifer Coalisa unfriended 18 church-mates just this month because they berated her candidate. Manny Tungka did with 22 of his church-mates as well. Connie Jowas, 14 church-mates. Marco Tunacao, 12 church-mates.

The Philippine Pew Research (PPR) conducted a survey last month at on Filipino Christians who unfriended their church-mates on Facebook. PPR found out that of the 1432 respondents, 85% unfriended 6 or more church-mates.

“That is staggering. It is alarming,” says Dr. Jo Subtract, Executive Director of World Alliance of Christian Churches.

Subtract added that minus the multiplied effect this division created, the ratio of Christian misunderstanding of the role of politics does not have a common denominator with churches.

But just this morning at the start of a week-long Daily Vacation Bible School for elementary students, Jennifer, Manny, Connie and Marco met for the first time and hugged with tears in their eyes. At one point, they started singing “Amazing Grace” whereupon the Christian Education director approached them and prayed for them just in time when the song ended.

“We expect to see more of this conciliatory moments in the next few days with Christians,” added Subtract, minus the earlier despair multiplied by the divided gestures in her body. “I no longer feel something is taken away from the church,” she continued.