Filipino Church in HK Split Between Duterte & Poe Building Paint

Kwai Tsing District, HONG KONG – The two leading Presidential candidates in the Philippines have left their mark in a church in this district when two factions each representing Rodrigo Duterte and Grace Poe have fought over what paint must be used for their new church building.

The Kwai Tsing Filipino Evangelical Church which averages at 1000 members is an independent evangelical church composed primarily of Filipinos. The church purchased the Kik Yam Manors at the Kwek Rd. in March 2015 and immediately rebuilt and refurbished the property. By February of this year, they started painting the manors with an atonement motif of red white so that “it would symbolize the resplendence of the blood of the lamb”, a source said. Some members of the church supporting presidential candidate Grace Peo objected and halted the painting project.

The election fever started here last year and has become a hot topic among the congregation. The painting of the building bore the brunt of the discussions. The group of 100 members Poe supporters demanded that the property be painted white to balance the dominance of the Duterte faction.

Pastor Budoy Blesyo, associate pastor of the church, explained that the church fought long and hard for the painting of red but the faction prevailed in getting the top half in white while red would be the bottom half, as you can see in the picture below. After the painting of the red and blue, the members of the church took the discussion inside the church every Sunday service where the majority of Duterte supporters wore red clothing while Poe’s, white. It is not clear up to this point if the pastoral staff will do something to stem the division.

UPDATE: At the time of this writing, the pastors of the church are having an emergency meeting because a group of 5 people who are supporters of Mar Roxas have also been rallying to have a part in the painting share of the property. Sources tell us that the Roxas supporters wanted the doors of the toilets painted with yellow.


Kwai Tsing Filipino Evangelical Church in KTD, Hong Kong