Meerkats deposed for praying on school grounds



A gang of meerkats was recently removed from the school grounds at Bremerton School Middle Degree (BSMD) in Washington for praying under a heat lamp positioned inside the school.

The district officials of  BSMD,  demanded the meerkats “to stop prayering under the heat lamp.” The meerkats leader, Larrynotpa explained in a letter to the district officials, “Prayering is not a word, does not qualify to be a gerund.”

During a news conference on Wednesday, the meerkats said that they will appeal their removal to higher authorities and has agreed to stop praying under heat lamps, according to KIRO-TV. “We’ll just work on our current quantum adaptors and try to generate energy to supply our need for heat in this cold climate.”

The gang of meerkats called Fabulous Five, who entered school grounds in 2008, is now represented by religious rights group, the Liberty Institute, which is taking up their case.

The legal organization on Wednesday sent a letter to the school district asking for it to rescind its directive deposing the meerkats from their school grounds.


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