CNN reports arrest of Pinay disrupting Duterte rally in LA


Screenshot of CNN breaking news on the arrest of anti-Duterte terrorist Fe Ciega Desatinado after she threatened Duterte rally in LA with religious curses raining down from heaven.

LOS ANGELES, California — Philippine election campaign heats up in Los Angeles County, CNN reports.

A support rally for the Philippine presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte by the Avalon Los Angeles County Philippines Association (ALACPA) was disrupted Wednesday by a knife-wielding anti-Duterte supporter who rained down curses to the rallyists. Fe Ciega Desatinado, an LA County resident, was arrested by Avalon police officers and was immediately taken into custody.

The mugshot (see picture above) shows a distraught Desatinado who had violently resisted arrest and injured an Avalon cop. Police confirmed a 7-inch knife possessed by Desatinado. Records confirm that Desatinado is a Filipina national who migrated to the US 18 years ago.

Police reports said that Desatinado confessed that she was a deaconess of the Westboro Baptist Church and that her mission is to tell the world that all Duterte supporters are demons, womanizers and involved in extra judicial killings.

“All Duterte supporters must know this,” Desatinado said in a written affidavit, “if you elect an immoral candidate you are all immoral people.”

As of today, Desatinado is locked up in the Avalon Precinct awaiting further investigation.


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