Bombed ISIS Prophets Join Chorus vs Duterte’s Cuss Words


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Under the rain of bombs from Russian jet fighters, the prophets of Mullah of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (MISIS) said on Tuesday that presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was simply out of the line and had no justification for uttering cuss words against the Holy Father Francis.

“It was simply sharmuta for him to say that,” said MISIS Prophet Mehron Ali-Foonga.

Meanwhile, Prophet Rabashika Rabakanda, the president of Ohab Yoma School of Prophets now based in Iran, said he stands by the statement of the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines in decrying the cuss words of Duterte.

“I find [Duterte’s] statement insensitive to say the least. Makachut. It is unbecoming of someone who aspires to be Philippines head of state,” Ali Foonga said.

JV Hinlo, PDP Laban Western Visayas, said Duterte was not cussing at the Pope but at the five-hour traffic caused by the inefficient traffic handling of the government during the papal visit. Hinlo said he would like to throw the ball to the electorate in picking their leader.

MISIS said anybody should think twice about being rude to the Holy Father, a head of state and certainly not an ordinary person.

“If we show respect to a leader of a nation, it is also not desirable to speak ill of the Pope,” he added. MISIS also stressed that everyone deserved to be respected — whether a pope or an ordinary person.

This new MISIS and Holy Father tandem is part of the growing global response to decry the failure of Duterte to meet simple basic ethical standards.


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