Demolition of 50-B NAIA-3 Sculpture for PATATS Experiment


MANILA, Philippines — The large egg-shaped sculpture blamed for traffic woes near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 is likely to be demolished soon but a group of Filipino atheists wishes for reconstruction by random chance.

Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Jose Angel Honrado said Thursday that he is open to proposals to remove and transfer the Circulo del Mundo to another location. An atheist group known for their campaign against Catholic-priest pedophilia called PATATS (Philippine Atheists and Agnostic Tubils Society) proposed to have the demolished parts of the Circulo be scattered around Metro Manila and allow chance and physical necessity without human intervention to do its course. PATATS envisions that this proposal will finally prove that random chance and/or physical necessity as the reason behind complexity and order in the circle of the globe.

“We are seeing this Circulo as a boiling point of proof. Circulo is the knight of boiling point: get it Sir Kulo, knight of boiling?” says Kirei Libut, PATATS spokesgay.

The Construction of the structure, built in 2010, cost the government P50 million in total. The design emerged from a design competition conducted by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

He said, however, that there was good reason in deciding to build the structure a few years ago.

“My assumption is that [at that time], it was the best decision they could have made rather than do nothing,” Honrado answered when asked if it was a waste of money.

“However, after Resorts World Manila came and the NAIA [Terminal 3] expanded, it has become more of a hindrance,” he added.

Honrado said contractors already started taking out parts from the sculpture, but remained mum about the details as the Department of Public Works and Highways is in a better position to issue statements. “The contractor asked for my authority to transfer it. I don’t have the authority to say but I will not object it you remove it,” he added.

“I like it when something gets removed  or pulled down, if you know what I mean [winks],” Libut of PATATS responded.


Philippine Atheists and Agnostic Tubils Society (PATATS) aims to challenge the Catholic priesthood to purify its ranks from pedophilia since this communicates religious monopoly.


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