Villanueva reverses Anti-Modern Pharisees Movement


QUEZON CITY, Philippines — Jesus is Lord Chief Executive Officer Eddie Villanueva disowned the Facebook group Anti-Modern Pharisees Movement (AMPM) citing bad testimony and Satanic activity.

In an interview at DZBB last Monday, Villanueva explained to Dobol A sa Dobol B announcer Arnold Clavio that AMPM has deteriorated from a concern group to a maligning and demonic group.

“Hindi ko na alam kung anong sumapi sa mga admins nyang group na yan kasi mukhang hindi lang isa kundi mangilan ilang sapi ang meron,” Villanueva explained. He said he is making necessary actions to remove the name of the admins from the book of life.

Two days ago Facebook decided to take down the AMPM site. In a baffling diabolical move, AMPM reactivated. Some observers think this was a show of dark force.

“Bwahahahahaha bwahahahahaha,” chuckled Myrna, one of the Admins, while also spewing some of the most repugnant scent coming from a person’s mouth. Meanwhile, Dan, who is suffering from multiple personality disorder and very bad grammar decided to form a chat discussions among his clones. “We had a great time speaking to myself,” said Dan, afterwhich he went back to the Christian school where he teaches and foment hypocrisy.

You can visit this demonic group here.

Some of the response they give is like this admin who is my reverse name-sake:

rabaclone rabaclone2


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