Villanueva eyeing Tagle as running mate


MANILA, Philippines — JIL founder and senior pastor Eduardo “Bro. Eddie” Villanueva confirmed on Friday that he is considering, among others, Archbishop Luis Tagle as his running mate in 2016.

“Kino-consider (He is being considered),” said Villanueva when asked if Tagle would be his running mate.

“Oo. Parang ‘yong si Fr. Tagle, kino-consider, etc. Di ba ang sabi sa Ingles, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over. In other words, it ain’t over kung sino ang magiging vice presidential candidate ko hanggang sa hindi namin dinedeclare,” he said.

(Yes, Fr. Tagle is being considered. As they say, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over. In other words, it ain’t over as to who would be my Vice Presidential bet until we declare it.)

He is also quite impressed at a portmanteau of their name: eTag. He said that it sounds “modern” and “Facebookie.”

But Intercessors for the Philippines national director Dan Balais had earlier dismissed talks that the Archbishop would run with Villanueva as running mate because he (Balais) also expressed intentions to Villanueva to be running mate. “I want to follow a prophetic utterance given me by Prophet Sadhu Selveraj that I will be the second highest executive in the land.”

Villanueva said many factors are being considered in choosing his tandem.

“Di ba, kailangan ay mas gwapo kaysa sa akin (He is supposed to be more handsome than me),” he said in jest.

Turning serious, Villanueava said his group has been looking for those who want to run for the Senate to avoid what happened in 2013 where they failed to fill up all 12 slots in the senatorial race.

“Ayaw na naming maranasan ‘yong nangyari noong nakaraan. Hindi kami nakabuo [dahil] sa kakulangan ng oras (We don’t want to experience what happened before when we failed to fill up the slate due to lack of time),” he said.

So far, Villanueva has named boxing icon and Saranggani Representative Manny Pacquiao as one of those included in the slate saying, “We want to Christianize this country so I’m choosing only Christians. We will convert war-torn Mindanao into a Christian colony. Fr. Tagle and I will demonize any effort to thwart us. Biblical times call for biblical measures.”

He refused to name the others who have  sure slots in his ticket.

Balais disappointed

Balais reportedly is mum over the whole issue but evidence of anger can be seen in his face. “My simple dream is for Bro. Eddie to be senior pastor of the Philippines and I’m the high priest,” he said. For many years Villanueva and Balais have been in spiritual tag team focusing in fooling the Filipino people about certain prophetic utterances by Sadhu. 

Early this March, an up and coming prophet by the name of Rabashika “Raba” Rabakanda came to the scene and “reversed” the curse of Sadhu on the Philippines. Since then the threesome of Villanueva, Balais and Sadhu have been tiptoeing in power. Rabashika’s ministry has given them a nasty blow.

Since then, Raba has ventured into entrepreneurship selling printed shirts to his followers. “I have reversed them and now my mission is finished. I’m not into selling shirts. When another false prophet arises, who you gonna call?” Raba said in a radio interview.


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