POC chair protests on Sen. Alan’s “racist” comments


MANILA, Philippines – A day after Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano expressed his intentions to run on 2016, controversy erupts.

Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) President Jose Cojuangco Jr. expressed concerns today over the statement of Cayetano on running saying that the topic was “racist.”

At ANC yesterday Cayetano was asked for a categorical answer if he would run for the presidency in 2016, Cayetano said he does not want to run, but rather, he wants to win, adding, “Running is easy.”

This statement drew a lot of flak from Cojuangco.

Cojuangco censured Cayetano saying, “This is not very Christian of him.” According to Garcia, running is not an easy thing to do.  He said that since running is the dominant form of racing in the human species, this Cayetano comment is racist. “See the connection? He shouldn’t be making racist comments in this modern age,” he said.

Cojuangco further added that the PSC gives a huge chunk of its budget on track and field. “It’s just unfair to malign or mistreat running by a national legislator,” Cojuangco said. He added further that Cayetano needs a little bit of running to arrest his expanding beer belly. “Yeah, run for presidency, but also run with your sister every morning,” he said sarcastically.

Recently Senators lash out at POC over poor state of Philippine sports. According to Cojuangco, this is just another of those smear campaigns launched by the senate against him because of his relation with Kris Aquino. “Why do you keep on blaming me for her accent and Darla?”

Questioned on his defense of running, Cojuangco took out his iPad with a Hello Kitty jacket which according to him was a gift from his niece Kris Aquino: “See running is even a subject in Wiki.” This it turns out is a true statement. Wikipedia.com indeed has a topic “Running.”

A Devout Christian and Public Servant

Cayetano is a devout Christian and has an impeccable history of integrity and dedication as former Taguig executive and now a senator. He is a true public servant by heart. He expressed his intentions recently to run for highest national office in 2016. “I want to be president of this country some day. I think I can do something great for God and our people. But is 2016 my time or is it 2022, 2028 or never?” he said.

Even though he said he has not yet decided, Cayetano admitted he has started preparing for a possible bid.

Cayetano on the Philippines’ first black vice president

Cayetano targeted Binay in his internal polls and said there are certain areas of the country where he was able to score higher than the Vice President.

“Is it a fluke? Why do they like me there better?” Cayetano said.

Cayetano reiterated he has no intention of pursuing the vice presidency because this would be viewed as being nothing but a stepping stone toward the presidency.

“It’s like a flat tire. I was once a vice mayor. I was allied with the mayor but his people and my people did nothing but sow intrigue between us. Those people kept on hoping that one of us would be removed,” he said.


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