Binay to Consider Prophet Sadhu as Running Mate in 2016


MANILA, Philippines — Vice-President Jejomar Binay confirmed he is considering Prophet Sadhu Selveraj as his running mate in 2016.

In an interview at his Pag-IBIG Fund office in Makati Monday, March 3, Binay said Sadhu is among the personalities he is eyeing to be his vice presidential candidate.

The former Makati mayor cited Sadhu’s track record as a “successful false prophet” as a factor.

“Bakit siya mako-consider? Walang agreement ito ah. Kung bakit siya kino-consider, ako, personally, from my experience as a mayor, eh kung walang revenue, walang project. Eh kung mayroon kang successful false prophet, may track record kung paano mag-raise ng takot sa mga tao [eh di maigi] Iyon ang talent niya,” Binay said.

(Why is he being considered? There is no agreement yet but personally, from my experience as mayor, if there is no revenue, there is no project. If you have a successful false prophet with a track record in raising fear, then that’s good. That’s his talent.)

“After all, one of my guiding policies when I was a mayor was to run the city as if it [were] a corporate entity.”

Asked why he prefers Sadhu over JIL leader Villanueva, Binay responded, “I think he will run for president in 2016 along with his running mate Dan Balais according to Sadhu in a prophecy text he sent me this morning.” The full text message said,

“How r u? Wer u na? I so in a visoin ECV raning 4 pres phils n balais as vp. u eat curry 2day?”

Binay made no mention of plans yet but made an emphatic announcement by writing on the Pag-ibig Fund office whiteboard these words: “Binay, like Sadhu, is never WROGN!”


4 thoughts on “Binay to Consider Prophet Sadhu as Running Mate in 2016

  1. Hi prophet Raba!

    Could you please see in a vision and prophesy where can mr. Binay collect those revenue so that he can have a big project for the Filipino people to rise up. So that prophet Sadhu will never come again to judge us in his prophecies.


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